DrupalCon Boston: Biggest DrupalCon Ever!

So I am finally back from Boston, an' have slept off th' jetlag an' DST change, so I can finally get caught up on writin' about Drupal's latest foray into th' world o' conventions, pass the grog, Get out of me rum! Sadly I had trouble with th' wireless at me hotel as well as at th' convention center, so writin' anythin' up before now weren't really feasible. Drat.

I were bein' actually a bit disapppointed at this DrupalCon; so many amazin' talks, an' I only managed t' see a quarter o' them, and a bucket o' chum! Hopefully th' videos will be on the plank soon, so I'll be able t' see what I missed.

I also had an entourage this time. Oho! Three o' us from Palantir were in Boston; meself, George DeMet, an' Tiffany Farriss. We arrived Sunday, th' day before th' conference. What is a bunch o' geeks t' do right before a major conference? Eat, o' course!

See you in Boston!

DrupalCon Boston is only one week away! Yaaarrrrr! Are ye excited yet? I am, an' so be 799 other scallywags. We've filled th' conference center an' sold out th' conference at 800 scallywags. Aarrr! Yikes, ya bilge rat! I won't be able t' shake hands with more than a third o' ye. :-)

I have a fairly light schedule this time aroun', at least on th' presenter side.

Drupal 7 battle plans

So, Dries wants t' know what our Drupal 7 battle plans are. I think this is th' first version where I'll have explicit battle plans before han' rather than just "whatever I come up with along th' way", and a bottle of rum, to be sure! :-) So, fer those playin' along at home, here's me goals fer Drupal 7:

  • Move Drupal t' PDO
  • Introduce a function registry
  • Begin t' solve th' "Data API problem"
  • Whatever I come up with along th' way

DrupalCamp Wisconsin

The latest in a long line o' DrupalCamps were bein' held this weekend at th' Milwaukee School o' Engineerin' in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It weren't me first conference or me first BarCamp, but it were bein' me first DrupalCamp. It were bein' also th' first event I've been at as a member o' th' Drupal Association, which meant it were bein' me first event where I were bein' supposed t' actively flag for it. Nay one complained, so I guess I weren't pushy enough. :-)

Although th' turnout were bein' a tenth that o' th' last DrupalCon, about 40 scallywags, I have t' say it were bein' still a blast. Maybe 'tis just proximity, but I'd almost say it were bein' even more fun than DrupalCon.

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