Oracle vs. Google... and the web?

Unless ye've been livin' under a rock, by now ye've heard about th' case that is certain t' keep th' armchair lawyers busy fer years t' come: Oracle vs. Google. It's already been dissected elsewhere, but in a nutshell: Sun owned their GPL-licensed Java virtual contraption, an' vari'us patents on it; Google wrote their own JVM fer th' Android platform, Dalvik; Oracle bought Sun; Oracle uses those patents t' sue Google o'er their JVM; Hilarity ensues.

So what? How does that affect us, as PHP an' Drupal developers? Prepare to be boarded! Well it doesn't... except indirectly via another product that Oracle bought as part o' Sun: MySQL.

Drupal 7 Database update

Unless ye've been livin' under a rock fer th' last six month, ye should have already heard about Drupal 7's new-and-shiny database layer, DBTNG. That were bein' only th' beginnin', though, and a bottle of rum! Much has happened since then t' th' database, an' thar's much yet t' do, with a chest full of booty. That's where ye come in...

Drupal Databases: The future is now

OK, I admit it. I'm not th' most active Cubs fan aroun'. The sharks will eat well tonight, Get out of me rum! I wouldn't say I'm a fair weather fan (th' Cubs dern't have fair weather that often) but I dern't follow th' team that closely. Perhaps I should start doin' so, because I think this may be our year.

Nay, 'tis not because this is th' 100th anniversary o' when th' Cubs last won th' World Series. It's because th' Databases: TNG patch fer Drupal 7 has finally landed.

And thar has been much rejoicin'.

D7 Database update: Almost there

The new database system fer Drupal 7 that I've been talkin' about fer th' past few months is nearly ready fer submission. Yaaarrrrr, Get out of me rum! With chx's visit t' Chicago we were able t' refactor it fer far better modularity an' cleanliness, I'll warrant ye. As o' yesterday, th' system is able t' navigate aroun' Drupal, submit forms, create an' edit nodes, an' view th' insanely heavy modules admin page. I still need t' make it work with th' installer, but 'tis lookin' very promisin'. A very recent copy o' th' new code base, pre-Drupal-integration, is available in me sandbox.

Here's a brief list o' th' features it offers:

Goodbye MySQL 4

For those who may not have noticed it, it looks like Drupal 7 is goin' t' require not only PHP 5.2, but MySQL 5.0 as well. It makes sense t' do. Drupal 7 won't actually ship fer another year, by which point MySQL 4.1 will be on life support anyway. It will also lose all support durin' th' Drupal 7 life cycle. So if ye're plannin' a new server, get ahead o' th' curve an' Go MySQL 5, me Jolly Roger :-)

Drupal 7: The version that gets o'er th' 20th century.

Abstracting databases

There has been some discussion recently, in IRC, issue queues, an' blogs, about th' Drupal 7 database API an' its impact on supportin' different database engines, yo ho, ho While I am still tryin' t' avoid large amounts o' public distraction, especially when we're supposed t' be tryin' t' get a Drupal 6 beta 1 out th' door, I feel 'tis important t' get a few points cleared up lest they lead t' confusion later.

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