Supporting Aaron Winborn

Aaron Winborn is a longtime Drupal contributor an' matey t' th' community. Since his diagnosis with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Aaron has been tryin' t' enjoy time with his family, t' remain productive in his work an' t' live as normal a life as possible.

As time passes, however, th' disease has made his life increasingly difficult as it attacks his nervous system. Oho, pass the grog! To cope with th' mountin' costs o' treatin' his condition, Aaron has set up a special needs trust, an' ye can make a direct donation from his web site.

As a show o' support fer Aaron an' his family, fer th' rest o' this year, me co-authors an' I intend t' donate all o' our royalties from sales o' Drupal 7 Module Development t' th' special needs trust. You can read reviews and order a copy at

Not only can ye get one o' th' top books on Drupal 7 development, in so doin' ye can help out one o' th' scallywags that has helped t' make Drupal as powerful as it is.


That is so generous

Thank ye so much Larry. It brin's tears t' me eyes t' know how much support is in th' Drupal community.

Thank you.

This is an amazingly generous gesture, an' it means a lot t' Aaron an' family, obviously, but also t' his maties. Thank ye.

This is a great book. I got

This is a great book. I got loads o' ideas from it when runnin' a recent trainin' course - buy this book - ye'll be doin' yourself a favour an' supportin' a good cause.

This is so generous of you.

This is so generous o' ye. Drupal 7 module development is best book t' learn drupal development!!

I already had it so donated on Aaron's site