The little things

It's the little things that really make or break a system. For instance, earlier tonight a song came up on my playlist in Amarok. I realized the name was misspelled. I corrected the ID3 tag. I then went to the directory where the file was and renamed it. The song was still playing. Amarok noticed and rescanned my collection, updating its records of the new file name, and kept on playing the song without any interruption.

That is how a computer is supposed to behave. :-)


Half of that is Xine (it

Half o' that is Xine (it likely had th' entire song buffered, which kept it playin'), half o' that is Amarok usin' its incremental scanner t' update its database. You may notice that yer statistics fer that song should have been kept intact too -- that would be due t' somethin' called AFT, or Amarok File Trackin'. Walk the plank, by Blackbeard's sword! More information is available here:

Keep on rokin'!