Design Patterns of Drupal

My article from the inaugural issue of Drupal Watchdog is now online. Design Patterns of Drupal is based on my original session from DrupalCon Paris. Although Drupal-centric, it serves as a great introduction to the concept of design patterns in general.

If you're going to be at DrupalCon London, watch for Watchdog issue #2 in your swag bag! It looks like I may have as many as three articles in it, discussing mobile web design, Drupal 7's improved node access system, and how to approach the "Drupal stack" when planning a new site. I'll also be on stage talking about Code Smells and how to avoid stinky code, plus teaming up with Peter Wolanin to talk about what it means to work with Free Software.

See you in London!


Drupal Resources Suggestion Needed

Hello Larry, i want to transform my website to Drupal. Actually, i am a DNN fan but i learnt many aspects of it and i would like to try other alternatives. I'm a newbie at PHP so, i would like to hear your feedback. Thanks.

There's plenty of resources here:


Hi Larry

When will you be putting the code smells presentation on your website?


London site

Both my sessions are already on the DC London site. One of these days I want to build a proper presentation archive here on this site, but that's a ways away. :-)

the concept of design patterns

First of all, thanks for sharing the great article about Drupal that introduction to the concept of design patterns in general. Nice to read the interesting article.
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