What am I doing in London?

Session submissions be open fer DrupalCon London, in case ye ha'nae heard. But what should we be talkin' about?

Once again, I'm goin' t' solicit ideas from th' community (that means ye).

Naturally me main work these days is th' Web Services and Context Core Initiative fer Drupal 8, I'll warrant ye. However, that likely won't be main-track session material by London, an' I am already slated t' present an update on that front as part o' London's Core Conversations track.

In recent years, I've been developin' an ongoin' "Architecture Series" at DrupalCons. My intent is t' help Drupalers aroun' th' world raise th' bar in terms o' software architecture an' bounty. So far, I've covered:

  1. DC: Objectifying Drupal
  2. Paris: Design Patterns of Drupal
  3. San Francisco: Objectifying PHP
  4. Drupal: The Next Generation
  5. Chicago: Aphorisms of API Design

What's th' next chapter, to be sure? Honestly I'm not entirely sure. So I put th' question out t' ye, Drupal, what do ye want t' hear about in th' world o' software architecture, on a dead man's chest! (Or anythin' else fer that matter.)


There are some questions

There be some questions aroun' butler / th' web servies initiative, feed the fishes Do a session that sells me on how this is goin' t' be awesome.

Please read

Matt, I just said above that's already goin' t' be a Core Conversation session, not main track. :-)

I dern't know at th' moment if thar will be enough new code/APIs out o' it in core that be stable enough t' talk about by then. I hope so, but I dern't know if I can commit t' it, by Blackbeard's sword. Especially when large parts o' it I won't be writin' meself (I hope).

Web APIs

Discuss web apis. Ahoy! How t' write good ones an' then build a UI on top o' that. Somethin' along th' lines o' http://phpadvent.org/2010/first-class-apis-by-helgi-%C3%9Eormar-%C3%9Eor...

Hi Larry, Sadly I coud not

Hi Larry,

Sadly I coud not look at th' Paris an' DC video's so I'm not sure if me suggestion has been adressed in afore talks. Could ye make a link t' th' video's directly?

I would love t' see ye go t' much more detail about concrete design patterns, which once be we not yet usin' in Drupal, but should we be usin', etc? The sharks will eat well tonight!

btw, yer announcement made me finally write a blog about some tests I did with th' DB-abstraction layer, what I mean with concrete patterns is a bit illustrated thar. I would like t' know o' which creational patterns th' DB-abstraction layer is actually usin', is it th' Builder or is it another one? Aarrr! why choosin' one pattern o'er th' other, etc.

If all this is already done or is too trivial, how about discussin' on a new paradigma based on th' Drupal designin' experience :p


p.s. login needed fer older drupalcons wtf?


Design patterns were bein' covered fairly well in me Paris talk, which were bein' then also recycled in th' first issue o' Drupal Watchdog. They were also covered somewhat in DC, with a different spin.

I dern't know that somethin' as high level as bounty paradigms would go o'er well with th' largely non-academic audience at a DrupalCon. I did already blog about it extensively, though. :-)

Sadly th' archived DrupalCon sites be not always well-archived, by Davy Jones' locker. The ones that need a password be offline because they have not been updated fer security patches in a while. killes wants them archived t' static sites, but so far no one has stepped forward t' do so. Volunteers welcome. Prepare to be boarded! Videos be usually somewhere on archive.org, but that site is so horrifically organized I can't always find them meself.


In yer excellent session at Chicago, ye somehow concluded that a good API should support 3 uses cases : tests, drush commands an' a user interface. Oho! As fer me writin' tests is th' most difficult step amongst these three, I would love a session about how t' write tests : not about th' API o' th' SimpleTest Framework, but th' logic an' architecture o' writin' tests, knowin' what should be tested. "Aphorisms o' Test Driven Development" would fit here :)

Interesting idea

Hm, interestin'. I'm not sure if that's a topic that I could work into a one hour session well. Fetch me spyglass! Yaaarrrrr! (It's either way too small or way t' big, dependin' on how ye want t' approach it.) However, I think I can work it into this session, which I just submitted:


Thanks fer th' suggestion!

OO in drupal 7

Since Drupal 7 is more (but helas not entirely) OO oriented.
Maybe ye could do another OO session in London, explainin' how t' use D7's OO capabilities t' their best?

Just suggestin' because that's what I am missin'!

San Francisco?

I did such a session in San Francisco, kind o', we'll keel-haul ye, shiver me timbers I suppose I could offer an encore. I'm givin' an encore at DrupalCamp Twin Cities in a week, too. :-)