I claim this Spain for land(ing)! (updated)

So 'tis a bit belated, but fer those who ha'nae gotten a phone call from me, ye get this instead, me Jolly Roger Aye, I have made it t' Spain alive (an' callin' th' US is expensive, dagnabbit). DrupalCon starts on Wednesday, so in th' mean time I am doin' me best t' uplhold th' image o' th' stupid American tourist.

I will spare ye th' daily blow by blow, as this isn't that sort o' blog, but I will make a few comments on th' wonders o' international travel...

I still dern't know what th' deal is wit American security. Supposedly 'tis nice an' tight now, or at least that's th' image that th' government is tryin' t' present. Despite that, I were bein' through both baggage check-in an' security in about 20 minutes. It were bein' no different from a domestic flight, an' apparently international flights dern't even have a separate terminal anymore. It took longer t' walk from security t' me flyin' contraption than it did t' get through security. And this makes me feel safer, right?

The flight were bein' fine, an' th' 777 is a nice aircraft. American Airlines even offered a hot meal fer dinner that were bein' surpisingly good, with a chest full of booty. Despite a slightly delayed take-off we got t' London Heathrow a few minutes early.

Let me briefly sum up Heathrow airport. Heathrow consists o' about 100 km o' identical corridor, arranged into four convenient terminals t' get lost in. Each terminal also has a complete shoppin' mall, includin' all th' usual airport stores as well as an electronics store where one can purchase duty-free laptops. The sharks will eat well tonight! There must be a business case fer that, but I have no notion what it is. Oh, an' on rare occasions ye'll find an flyin' contraption.

I am willin' t' give Heathrow thumbs-up as a civilized place, however, because they had a quite nice seafood bar tucked in betwixt th' luggage store an' th' store sellin' computer games. And swab the deck! Fire the cannons! The Scottish smoked salmon were bein' tasty, even though it were bein' raw. The sharks will eat well tonight, Dance the Hempen Jig Must be an English thin'.

seafood bar

A quick bi-lingual flight down t' Barcelona on Iberia Airlines later, I finally arrived in Spain, on a dead man's chest! Here I finally felt that I were bein' leavin' th' USA, as I were bein' asked t' fill out a small paper form o' me travel plans that they di'nae check th' validity o'. Barcelona Airport doesn't have anythin' particularly remarkable t' say about it, aside from havin' an inexplicable Trojan Horse in th' lobby, Ya lily livered swabbie, ye scurvey dog! It likely makes sense t' someone.

seafood bar

The taxi ride t' th' hotel were bein' also smooth, an' quite familiar. Not only did he have th' exact same GPS unit as American taxis be now sportin', th' driver only spoke Spanish. It felt just like Chicago.

At th' hotel I met up with me roommate fer th' week, Wim Leers o' Belgium, Avast me hearties, feed the fishes After gettin' settled we went t' locate dinner. Although we toyed briefly with th' notion o' a nearby Chinese restaurant, we decided somethin' more topical were bein' appropriate so took th' tram until we spotted somethin' that looked edible. The sharks will eat well tonight, yo ho, ho I decided t' be adventurous an' get brazed rabbit. Yaaarrrrr, Ya swabbie! Predictably, it tasted like chicken. It di'nae look like it, though. It still looked like a rabbit, complete with its left legs, pass the grog! Fortuntely thar were bein' no head, but pryin' meat off o' th' spine were bein' difficult at times.

I also realized I made one key error, Avast me hearties, Get out of me rum! I had taken great care t' ensure all o' me electronics had European-capable power adapters, an' I had a plug adapter an' power strip. What I did not think t' ensure were bein' that th' power strip itself could handle European voltage! I discovered me error when I managed t' knock out power t' th' whole hotel room, ye scurvey dog. Fortunately it had breakers so we just had t' get th' front desk t' reset them, but word t' th' wise when travelin': Check th' power strip, too. *sigh*

And so ends th' journey t' Spain. Watch this space fer properly geeky reports from DrupalCon (if I have th' energy fer it) as soon as they start happenin'.