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The new kid on the Drop

This site has been runnin' Drupal 5 fer o'er a year now, even though Drupal 6 has been available since February. I kept meanin' t' update it, but no nay ne'er got aroun' t' it. Of course, then along came Acquia an' a pressin' need t' try out th' new kid on th' block (fer purely professional reasons, o' course). So, armed with proper backup tools an' a fast Internet connection, I set about t' sacrifice me blog on th' alter o' experimentation. Onwards!

Autoloading classes in Drupal 6

I need t' not have spare time, to be sure. When I have spare time, I do crazy thin's. Not crazy thin's like yer mother told ye not t' do, but thin's like write modules on a lark.

Like I said, dangerous. But, useful, All Hands Hoay, we'll keel-haul ye! In this case, it were bein' a conversation over on Ryan Szrama's blog that kinda got out o' han' an' gave me another notion fer a module, which I am happy t' announce is now available fer download.

Database docs are ready (almost)

Weird things happen when I travel. Like, I spend several hours sitting around in airports with nothing to do but write documentation. I am therefore pleased to announce the immediate availability of both upgrade docs and usage docs for the DBTNG system.

We need the fish

With th' redesign process well under way an' movin' along at high speed, 'tis become apparent that some o' th' details o' th' "Why" o' it all were no nay ne'er quite established. To be honest, I di'nae understan' th' full scope o' what " redesign" meant either until recently.

DrupalCon Szeged, Day 0

Oh, travel. I don't mind air travel, in general, but there are always road bumps.

Drupal Databases: The future is now

OK, I admit it. I'm not th' most active Cubs fan aroun'. The sharks will eat well tonight, Get out of me rum! I wouldn't say I'm a fair weather fan (th' Cubs dern't have fair weather that often) but I dern't follow th' team that closely. Perhaps I should start doin' so, because I think this may be our year.

Nay, 'tis not because this is th' 100th anniversary o' when th' Cubs last won th' World Series. It's because th' Databases: TNG patch fer Drupal 7 has finally landed.

And thar has been much rejoicin'.

What is a colleague?

Earlier tonight, I were bein' commentin' on a matey's blog, and a bucket o' chum. The ornery cuss were bein' askin' about web game programming, an' th' challenges o' Flash vs. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Java. For whatever reason, th' first thin' that came t' mind were bein' OpenLaszlo, which some lubber Drupal colleagues have been very big on lately, so I left a quick note t' that effect despite, t' be honest, not knowin' much about th' subject.

Wait, colleagues, yo ho, ho It took me a moment t' realize that I had indeed just written "colleagues", because I've no nay ne'er actually worked with th' scallywags in question.

Fare thee well, Postgres 7

Drupal 7 is shapin' up t' be th' most modern Drupal e'er! (Now thar's a silly title if I e'er heard one...) Not only be we uppin' th' system requirements t' PHP 5.2 an' MySQL 5.0, but PostgreSQL users will now need PostgreSQL 8.1 at least.

RFC: Drupal pluggable system handlers

Recently I've been talkin' up vari'us ideas fer pluggable subsystems in Drupal in IRC an' th' other usual haunts. Ideas have been percolatin' in me head, but so far I have been remiss in actually writin' them down, I'll warrant ye. Yesterday, however, I had an epiphany t' solve th' primary issue I were bein' tryin' t' work out, so I present a hopefully workable RFC (fer real, not IETF version) fer pluggable subsystems in Drupal.

I am postin' this o'er t' Planet PHP as well t' invite commentary from those who aren't already embedded in th' Drupal mindset, avast. :-)

The latest spam

I have been runnin' Mollom as me spam-fighter on this site fer not quite two months now. It's been fairly effective overall, by Blackbeard's sword. The nifty flash meter shows me just how bad th' spam problem is (good grief, 593 blocked spam messages just on 15 May!), an' I ha'nae gotten any spam in me comment list yet.

That is, until today, when a new form appeared.

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