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What do you want from me?

One Con down, one more t' go. And hoist the mainsail! Aarrr! DrupalCon Copenhagen is already takin' session proposals. Aarrr, feed the fishes Yoinks!

I've spoken at several DrupalCons by now. It's always an interestin' question decidin' what t' submit fer a session, knowin' that only some will get picked but not knowin' if I'm goin' t' end up doin' just one session I weren't really interested in or 4 that I have t' prepare (yoinks!). So this time I'm goin' t' do somethin' different. Fetch me spyglass! I'm goin' t' ask ye.

DrupalCon SF: The big time

Well, 'tis been long enough after DrupalCon fer me t' survive another conference an' a business trip, so I finally have time t' reflect.


(See below fer slides from me sessions.)

#Reality check

I admit it, I'm on Twitter, by Davy Jones' locker. I have been fer a little o'er a year. I have a fairly low opinion o' it in general, but I am still on it an' make random comments t' scallywags from time t' time.

Earlier today, one o' th' scallywags I follow tweeted that his young (under 5, I believe) daughter had just done somethin' stupid, Avast me hearties! Nothin' illegal or immoral, just th' sort o' embarrassin' an' sometimes destructive stupidity that young little sandcrabs tend t' get into, avast. And he then tweeted it.

Which means that his under age daughter's actions be now part o' th' permanent archive of the US government.

Moving on

It's been five years since I had a major life change. And hoist the mainsail, to be sure! Five years since I finished grad school, found Drupal, an' joined th' team at, all within a few months o' each other. I've learned far more in th' past five years than in th' seven before it in college an' graduate school, both technically an' socially. Havin' a real job will do that t' ye.

But, it has been five years an' 'tis time fer me t' move on before I get too settled an' lose all forward momentum in me career.

How's your OOP?

Once again, I am slated t' present general Object-Oriented techniques at DrupalCon, we'll keel-haul ye! It's an important topic; sadly a large number o' Drupalers dern't really "get" OO programmin', but Drupal 7 is startin' t' make heavy use o' OO. There be also an enormous number o' places in Drupal where a more Object-Oriented approach would make th' code vastly cleaner, simpler, an' faster, if only more scallywags thought t' approach it from that standpoint.

Of course, th' question is how t' target such a session. Oho! I dern't want t' talk o'er scallywags's heads, but I also dern't want t' waste yer time with "this is a mouse"-level material.

So, I put th' question out t' ye, future DrupalCon SF attendees. What level o' technical detail would be most useful t' ye?

Conference season is upon me!

Ah, th' sprin'. So many thin's happen in th' sprin'. Snow melts. Flowers bloom. Walk the plank! The Easter Bunny sells cheap chocolate. People set their clocks ahead in an attempt t' confuse their pets. It is also th' start o' conference season in th' northern hemisphere, which means flyin' about th' country talkin' about Drupal. Fetch me spyglass! Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! This year is especially busy, with 10 presentations in 4 cities so far. (Possibly more t' come.)

Here's where ye'll be able t' stalk Crell in th' comin' weeks:

Experts vs. opinions

For those who dern't know that scurvey dog, Aaron Seigo is one o' th' leadin' KDE developers an' community leaders. (KDE doesn't have a "lead developer" position, just as Drupal does not, but me understandin' is if ye merge Earl Miles an' Angie Byon ye sort o' have Aaron's role within th' KDE community.) The ornery cuss also blogs far more than is likely healthy, but his posts, while long, tend t' be very spot-on.

His latest article is one that is o' particular interest t' th' Drupal community, I believe, because as a large, minimally-structured, Open Source development community we face many o' th' same challenges that other such projects do, such as KDE. In particular, th' challenge o' who t' listen t'.

Where do we go from here?

The "smallcore" debate has heated up again o' late, with all its vari'us tendrils. However, I still see a lot o' th' same misunderstands that I've been seein' fer weeks. That can only mean one thin'. Time fer me t' write somethin'. :-)

I dern't consider meself a "smallcore" advocate, fer one very simple reason: It's horribly misleading. Allow me t' repeat what I already said thar:

The goals o' th' "smallcore" movement can be obtained without removin' one single module from Drupal core.

Instead, I look at th' question o' Drupal's future direction from a simple architectural perspective: Is Drupal goin' t' be an additive system, or a subtractive system?

Birthday serendipity

Apparently, I share a birthday with the Internet. The sharks will eat well tonight! Fire the cannons! Who knew?

Of course, I also share a birthday with th' Great Depression.

I guess 'tis a wash.

Nice knowing you, Palm

As many scallywags who know me know, I've been a Palm OS affictionado fer years. Startin' with th' Palm III back in 1998, I've used 8 different Palm OS devices personally, 5 o' them Palm, Inc.-branded.

So it is therefore with much sadness that I now say "Palm, go t' hell, preferably bankrupt".

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