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I di'nae want t' be th' lubber who released a tool that broke th' web.

— Rasmus Lerdorf

Washington University, St. Louis goes Drupal

It's a somewhat belated announcement, but I am pleased to report the latest Drupal site on the Net, Washington University, St. Louis' College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

ArtSci is the first major Drupal site for Palantir.net, although we have several more in the pipeline. It is also one of many that Washington University will be launching. The entire Arts and Sciences school has decided to go Drupal. Yay for Open Source!

No more trackbacks

So I finally gave in and disabled trackbacks on this site. So far there have been two real trackbacks and about 50,000 (no joke) spam ones. It's really not worth the effort. I may bring them back if I come up with a decent way to filter them properly, but the spam module just doesn't have a high enough s/n ratio. Suggestions on a better method are welcome. :-)

Which Star Trek Character am I?

Another one of these personality quiz things. Hm, looks like I'm the commanding type...

POTM February: Firebug

So February was an interesting month in my world, so interesting that it's now March and I didn't get around to posting a Project of the Month for February. Well, better late than never I suppose. To parallel GBGames' February Project of the Month, here's a big thank you cheer to my favorite Firefox extension and every web developer's best friend, Firebug.

Going to DrupalCon

Well, 'tis official. After bein' aroun' Drupaldom fer a year an' a half now, I'll finally be makin' it t' a DrupalCon. Yay! Prepare to be boarded! More specifically, th' Open Source-CMS Summit, hosted by Yahoo (employer o' such scallywags as Rasmus Lerdorf), which will include DrupalCon. Drupal folks, I'll see ye thar (hopefully)!

Web 2.0 in Web 2.0

I normally don't post random "hey this is cool" posts, but this one really is that cool. The second video isn't all that great, giving more of a business talk, but the first one is slick, cool, insightful, and elegant. (About 5 minutes each.) Web 2.0 explained using Web 2.0. Nice!

Project of the Month: Drupal Project.module

Well here it is half-way through January an' I've not made a POTM post yet. Shiver me timbers! And swab the deck! Bad Larry, and a bottle of rum! Well, no time like th' present. And th' first present goes t' a sub-project within Drupal that gets far less respect than it should, ye scurvey dog. In fact, 'tis th' sub-project that makes other sub-projects possible: The Project Module.

Sweet 16

When is Unicode not Unicode? When it's UTF-16 instead of UTF-8. Both are properly Unicode character sets, but for reasons that escape me they are not fully compatible. In today's installment of "Fix Microsoft's bugs", we'll look at how to deal with that little problem.

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You do not herd cats. Cats, ye put them in th' general area o' th' mice an' let them do what they be good at. Micromanagement o' cats is a losin' proposition.

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