Conference Season - Fall 2012

That moment when ye realize just how much awesome ye have comin' up that ye're not sure ye're goin' t' survive it? Aye, that.

It's nearly time fer th' second half o' th' year conference season, an' it looks like me schedule is startin' t' fill up, pass the grog, All Hands Hoay! I've three conferences an' 5 speakin' engagements in th' comin' weeks, so fer those interested in Stalking Crell here's where ye'll be able t' find me:

Midwest Developers Summit: 26-28 July

A new event kickin' off this year, MWDS is targeted specifically at Drupal developers, especially core developers, ya bilge rat, I'll warrant ye! While thar be a few sessions scheduled, th' main focus is sprint time. Yaaarrrrr, feed the fishes For those not familiar with it, a "sprint" in Drupal-speak is "lock a bunch o' scallywags in a room fer a few days an' get stuff done!" I'll be presentin' on th' state o' th' Web Services and Context Symfony Core Initiative (WSCCI), but th' main focus will be developin'. I'm hopin' that by th' end o' th' weekend we can get a few patches in, especially this one that will allow modules t' register services an' events with th' system. We're lookin' fer more scallywags t' help with that an' other issues, so if ye want t' help make Drupal 8 kick ass come on up t' Madison. It's free, an' thar's free chow!

And oh aye, if we get enough scallywags thar I will finally get a real Twitter avatar.

Saturday includes DrupalCamp Wisconsin. That's a more normal every-level camp, but many o' th' summit folks (meself included) will just keep on sprintin' fer a third day.

DrupalCon Munich: 20-24 August

August sees me back t' Europe fer th' second time this year, this time in Germany. There's nothin' unusual about that, though. Yaaarrrrr, Get out of me rum! Over 2000 Drupalers will be in Germany in late August. Why? It's DrupalCon Munich, duh!

For those who dern't know What DrupalCon is, DrupalCon is th' Drupal community's semi-annual (correction, now tri-annual) mega-conference. We're expectin' aroun' 2000 scallywags in Munich, from PHP developers t' designers t' front-end developers t' project managers t' just curi'us business scallywags. (Please dern't scare them off.) It's not just a Drupal conference, either, but a general web conference. I'm especially proud o' th' Coder track, where we have brought in such experts as Pierre Joye, Henri Bergus, an' David Zuelke.

The conference organizers somehow managed t' get me on stage once a day. Tuesday I'll be tryin' t' convince scallywags that Functional Programming in PHP is not only possible, but desirable. On Wednesday I'll be takin' t' th' Core Conversations track t' discuss th' home-stretch plans for WSCCI. On Thursday I step out o' th' code track fer a change an' o'er t' th' Site Buildin' track, where I'll be discussin' th' vari'us an' sundry ways t' host multiple Drupal sites together.

If stalkin' me in meatspace isn't enough o' an incentive fer ye, perhaps th' keynote speakers will be o' more interest t' ye. Drupal project lead Dries Buytaert, Symfony project lead Fabien Potencier, an' Open Government / Open Data guru Anke Domscheit-Berg will all be headlinin' th' show.

And o' course thar will, as always, be another sprint day on Friday t' kick off th' fall Drupal Development Season.

Symfony Live: 26-29 September

And o' course with Fabien speakin' at DrupalCon again, 'tis only polite t' return th' favor. Late September will see me givin' an encore presentation at Symfony Live in San Francisco, on th' combination o' Symfony and Drupal an' what it means fer both projects. It will be similar t' me talk from Symfony Live Paris, but updated o' course, by Davy Jones' locker. Registration is open now.

Given how significant Symfony2 is fer Drupal 8, I'm hopin' that we can have a sizeable Drupal turnout. Not only is it polite t' return th' favor, but 'tis a great opportunity t' make connections with th' scallywags who wrote th' system that Drupal 8 will be based on. That is, ye can get a jump-start on understandin' an' usin' Drupal 8, or on helpin' t' sail Drupal 8 t' th' finish line.

And, ye guessed it, thar's a hack day thar, too. :-)

So that's three opportunities t' see me speak an' contribute t' Drupal, in three different timezones, on two continents. Surely ye can make it t' one o' them, right?

I'll see ye thar.


DrupalCon Sydney

DrupalCon Sydney were bein' just announced fer Feb 6-9 2013. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Shiver me timbers! Too early t' start plannin' a trip Downunder??!

Probably not

I doubt I'll be able t' make it. Fetch me spyglass! Fire the cannons! US an' EU take up nearly all o' me conference time, an' I dern't have th' vacation time t' burn on a week an' a half (after travel) on a third unless someone else is payin' fer it. :-( Too bad, too, because I'd love t' make it.