Where are the PHP 4 developers?

Marco Tabini, o' php|architect magazine fame among other thin's, has been openly disappointed at the death of PHP 4. Not because he likes PHP 4, but because o' th' "OMG ye're discontinuin' somethin' that everyone's still usin'!" argument.

I like yer magazine, Marco, but I have t' disagree with ye on this one, and dinna spare the whip! :-)

Musings on a Data API

I've just posted another "Data API What If"-style article o'er on http://groups.drupal.org/. I figured that were bein' more archiveable than me personal blog, but I wager more scallywags read Drupal Planet than a specific g.d.o group so I'm postin' th' link here as well in a blatant bit o' self-promotion. :-)

I am also postin' this o'er t' Planet PHP, in case any other exPHPerts have words o' wisdom t' offer. Hi guys!

Emulating preprocess theme functions in Drupal 5

Drupal 6 introduced th' concept o' a theme preprocess function. In short, it allows themes, theme engines, an' even modules t' step into th' themin' process an' manipulate th' variables that get sent t' a template. It replaces th' older, clunkier _phptemplate_variables() function from Drupal 5's phptemplate templatin' engine, but serves much th' same purpose.

While we can't backport all o' that new functionality, it is possible t' greatly simplify _phptemplate_variables() in Drupal 5 in a way that looks a lot like Drupal 6. Specifically, we can break up _phptemplate_variables() into separate functions that act like a theme's preprocess functions in Drupal 6.

Benchmarking magic

The day is nearly upon us! Drupal 7 will open up developers t' PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year. Already, thar is talk o' how, an' if, t' leverage PHP 5's object handlin' now that we dern't need t' deal with th' weirdness o' PHP 4's object model, Dance the Hempen Jig Of course, because 'tis Drupal, our army o' performance czars want t' know just what th' cost is fer object handlin', an' especially advanced object magic like __get(), __call(), th' ArrayAccess interface, an' so forth.

So let's find out. :-)

Good SPL intro

One o' PHP 5's coolest features is th' Standard PHP Library, or SPL. If ye're operatin' in an OO way, SPL is a great way t' easily leverage a huge amount o' functionality.

Of course, th' main problem is that th' official documentation on it sucks. At best it points t' an off-site series o' class hierarchies. (Technically 'tis not off-site, but not internal t' th' manual.)

DrupalCon Barcelona: Best DrupalCon Ever!

So 'tis been a week since DrupalCon, which means I'm kinda sorta caught up enough t' write about it. Hooray!

As with DrupalCon Sunnyvale, I came away with one conclusion fixed in me mind: The Community is Drupal's greatest strength, and dinna spare the whip! Virtually everyone upholds a strong community an' open source spirit, an' will gladly talk t' ye fer hours about subjects both on topic an' off, with or without beer (free or otherwise).

But enough about how cool we be. On with th' rundown.

Limerickal Drupal

You know ye're in a healthy community when scallywags randomly offer limericks in return fer code reviews.

And 'tis especially healthy when it randomly spills o'er into IRC:

DrupalCon Barcelona Day 0

T'were bein' th' night before DrupalCon an' all through th' city, not a hacker were bein' typin', not even a key.

I claim this Spain for land(ing)! (updated)

So 'tis a bit belated, but fer those who ha'nae gotten a phone call from me, ye get this instead. Aye, I have made it t' Spain alive (an' callin' th' US is expensive, dagnabbit). DrupalCon starts on Wednesday, so in th' mean time I am doin' me best t' uplhold th' image o' th' stupid American tourist.

I will spare ye th' daily blow by blow, as this isn't that sort o' blog, but I will make a few comments on th' wonders o' international travel...

DrupalCon Barcelona schedule up

The schedule for DrupalCon Barcelona has been posted! Not surprisingly both o' th' sessions I submitted were accepted, feed the fishes If ye're comin', stop on by! Now I guess I need t' actually put together presentations fer them...

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