Butler slides

Submitted by Larry on 16 September 2010 - 12:30am

I meant to post these to groups.drupal.org, but the file size limit over there won't let me. Attached are the slides from my "Drupal: The Next Generation" presentation at DrupalCon Copenhagen. A more complete summary is available over in the working group.

I'm still not aware of any video available, sadly. Supposedly that should be up eventually.

Matt Farina (not verified)

16 September 2010 - 7:46am

Can you post these as pdf and/or on slideshare. It would be nice to have them in a more widely digestible format.

OpenDocument is a patent and royalty free open standard supported by free and Free programs on every platform. That's as widely digestable as you can get.

Besides, this is the source form. PDF is not editable, so doesn't count for open source code distribution. :-)

Anonymous (not verified)

16 September 2010 - 12:34pm

Please make it easier to view docs.

Download and Install "Iframe" (iframe) module or another module which will allow you to use an iframe or one of the embed modules.

upload the odp to google docs for collaboration with other editors.

or use the
so people can view the doc without having to install any software.
by simply attaching Butler.pdf and using the below line in the iframe


sometimes we are stuck on a computer without install rights, example public lib, university lab, with usb ports disabled so can't use portable apps http://portableapps.com/apps/office/openoffice_portable

@mixel Your comment was absolutely useless, the comment of a lazy person who didn't bother to read.
A purity nut, who puts personal superiority over helping and communicating with others.
If you are posting docs, then sure keep the doc in the odp and collaborate with others by sharing it on Google docs. Do a quick pdf export and attach it to the node so you have a local copy and use the Google viewer.

This is a grown up compromise to people who are learning, or have limited resources and we should be supporting as large an audience as we can. Trying to educate, facilitate new thinking, and collaboration.

I have many coworkers and classmates who have very little control over their work computers or the lab computers. Most of them use open source apps on usb drives from portable apps. But some IT groups have even locked/disabled the usb ports on the computers.

The solution I gave lets the writers use OO for writing, allows collaboration with a broad mobile audience, and let the broadest audience view the latest draft. It doesn't require advanced export tools, or doc transformation on the web-server. The audience don't need to have MS products or adobe viewer, which are horrible products.

If you have a more inclusive solution that is great lets hear it. But your subject applies to you; not me and not to may readers like the Matt. EOL

Anonymous (not verified)

17 September 2010 - 12:32pm

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Keeping a pdf attachment on the node. A local copy of the docs, can be important. If google, your ISP, or your network goes down; then readers can still access the doc offline. It also lets ScrapBook user quickly make an offline backup of the entire site. I have seen entire lectures grind to a halt because everything is only on the cloud, no one made backups and or had an offline copy.

LOL, so you don't believe there are use cases when an user can't install or access Openoffice.
Never seen a computer without Java installed, or seen the user restricted down to permissions where they can't install software on the computer. Never seen a mobile device with only a web browser and cloud services; the device doesn't have the resources to run complex desktop apps.

So if mobile device user (BlackBerry maybe), a student at university lab with (they really trust the students), or all those other edge cases. Those members of our community, an audience we want to work with. All those lazy bastards, they don't deserve to read the document or collaborate in its creation or evolution.

Its not like there is work to make the docs viewable inline in the mobile browsers. O wait a sec.

Again use OO, use the suggested pipeline with google docs and the google viewer.
Or if you have a better solution; a more inclusive solution that is great lets hear it?

Contribute to any of the following, for better collaboration and doc management

Its not like we have problems communicating and collaborating within the community; and we have issues with reaching a broader audience.