Moving on

Submitted by Larry on 1 April 2010 - 12:21am

It's been five years since I had a major life change. Five years since I finished grad school, found Drupal, and joined the team at, all within a few months of each other. I've learned far more in the past five years than in the seven before it in college and graduate school, both technically and socially. Having a real job will do that to you.

But, it has been five years and it's time for me to move on before I get too settled and lose all forward momentum in my career.

Before you panic, no, I am not leaving Drupal. However, starting 1 May I will be departing from my current employer,, for greener pastures. I have accepted a position at Microsoft Open Source Labs as their lead Drupal developer, where I'll be focusing on pushing forward a PDO driver for MS SQL Server and after that getting Drupal running on SQL server. I will actually get to put my C skills to work again!

Microsoft may seem like an odd partner, but they have really started to embrace open source and Drupal in particular in recent years and this is an incredible opportunity to help forward both causes. Working remotely again (since I'm not moving to Redmond) will be a challenge, as I haven't done that regularly in five years since I was a reporter for infoSync World in Norway (traffic would have been horrible), but as my new employer will be providing a dedicated Windows server in my living room for testing the bandwidth shouldn't be an issue at least.

I am going to miss Palantir. The people there are great to work with and we've done some really amazing projects together; there's more in the pipeline too, but every so often you just need to shake things up.

See you around the Net.

Really? Me going to Microsoft? And announcing on that day? :-)

A semantic analysis of your text shows that all of this is actually part of your elopement with "miss Palantir", the nemesis of the "odd partner"; while the un-American inversion of "May 1" for "1 May" is quite revealing, as is the capitalization of Net in the last paragraph (Microsoft) and lower case, as well as the yearning for "working remotely".

Off to get Emma's free book...