Oracle vs. Google... and the web?

Unless ye've been livin' under a rock, by now ye've heard about th' case that is certain t' keep th' armchair lawyers busy fer years t' come: Oracle vs. Google. It's already been dissected elsewhere, but in a nutshell: Sun owned their GPL-licensed Java virtual contraption, an' vari'us patents on it; Google wrote their own JVM fer th' Android platform, Dalvik; Oracle bought Sun; Oracle uses those patents t' sue Google o'er their JVM; Hilarity ensues.

So what? How does that affect us, as PHP an' Drupal developers? Prepare to be boarded! Well it doesn't... except indirectly via another product that Oracle bought as part o' Sun: MySQL.

Abstracting databases

There has been some discussion recently, in IRC, issue queues, an' blogs, about th' Drupal 7 database API an' its impact on supportin' different database engines, yo ho, ho While I am still tryin' t' avoid large amounts o' public distraction, especially when we're supposed t' be tryin' t' get a Drupal 6 beta 1 out th' door, I feel 'tis important t' get a few points cleared up lest they lead t' confusion later.

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