The Crafting Code Tour

Submitted by Larry on 30 April 2014 - 7:37pm

Over the last few years, one of my foci has been bringing together the PHP community and taking the time to celebrate the PHP Renaissance. That effort has taken me all around the world, from Paris to Toronto to New York to Costa Rica to New Zealand. And this summer it's taking me to the Midwestern US as part of the Crafting Code Tour.

The Crafting Code Tour is the brainchild of Brandon Savage, the idea being to bring nationally-recognized speakers to local user groups and meetups, free of charge. PHP developers shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets to get to a conference in another city just to connect with the community and learn how to become better developers. Instead, let's bring the speakers to the community where it lives.

I will be speaking about Open Source, PHP, and PIE, a reprise of my keynote from Sunshine PHP earlier this year. It's a look at how PHP has evolved over the past ten years from a series of isolated, incompatible islands into an integrated collaborative community. If your mindset is still that of a lone-wolf developer, carefully (or not so carefully) writing all of his own code and not working together with developers around the world, then you're missing out. A lot has happened in the last decade and PHP's future has never been brighter... if you can embrace the PHP Renaissance.

You can catch my presentation at the Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati stops in mid-July. Other guest speakers that have been announced so far include Adam Culp, Paul Jones, and Cal Evans who will each be joining Brandon for various stops as well. I've seen all of them speak. Really, don't miss them.

Huge thanks to the many sponsors who are helping to make this tour possible, as well as to Brandon for doing the leg work to make it happen. And of course to my employer,, for letting go of me for a week to participate.

Is the Crafting Code Tour coming to your city?