Aphorisms of fall conferences

Submitted by Larry on 3 September 2013 - 11:22pm

Well, I've gone and done it. I've managed to setup my most intense conference schedule to date. This fall I will be appearing at no less than five conferences, speaking at least four of them.

If you're into Stalking Crell, here's where you'll find me around the globe this fall.

September kicks off with DrupalCamp Costa Rica, Friday 13 September - Saturday 14 September. I'll be delivering a keynote address. This will only be my second time keynoting (the first being NYC Camp back in July), and I'm looking forward to it. The PHP world in general has been undergoing radical changes in recent years, and Drupal 8 is the most radical example. The organizers also talked me into reprising one of my classic talks (recently updated!), Aphorisms of API Design.

I'll be back from Costa Rica just in time to turn around and head to DrupalCon Prague, Monday 23 September - Friday 27 September. It should be a blast. (It is DrupalCon, after all.) As usual I'll be quite busy. On Tuesday, fellow Palantiri Robin Barre and I will be running one of the new DrupalCon Lab sessions: a 2.5 hour hands-on crash course on Your First Drupal 8 Module. It is actually an abbridged version of the training session we offered adjacent to the Midwest Developers Summit in August, and we'll be focusing on the concepts developers will need to understand in Drupal 8. (Expect more Palantir training offerings in the future.) Wednesday, I'll again be presenting on Aphorisms of API Design. Thursday kicks off with a panel discussion with the other Drupal 8 initiative leads, similar to what we ran at DrupalCon Portland, and I will also have the dubious honor of the final Core Conversations slot of the conference to talk about Drupal's release cycle and how we can (and should) change it to minimize future "break all the things" releases. Come on by and share your thoughts.

And of course there is always the sprint day on Friday, which everyone should be at. (Yes, including you.)

No sooner will I be back from Prague then it will be time for DrupalCamp Fox Valley on Saturday 5 October, fortunately for me held in the Chicago suburbs. They haven't announed sessions yet so I don't know if I'll be presenting, but I'll be attending either way. How could I miss a keynote by Jeff Eaton?

Come November I'l be on the road again. First stop is True North PHP in Toronto from Thursday 7 November - Saturday 9 November. I'll be presenting twice, a revised version of my Functional PHP talk (no, PHP is not a functional language but yes, there's a lot of benefit in sometimes treating it as if it were) and my new favorite, "Open Source, PHP, and PIE". (Yes, there is in fact PIE.)

I won't be back long, however, before heading right back across the pond for Forum PHP in Paris, from Thursday 21 November - Friday 22 November. I'll be presenting, you guessed it, Aphorisms of API Design. (Aphorisms are in vogue this year, it seems.)

I am going to be so jetlagged by the time December rolls around. And there's the possibility of one more getting added in there. More on that if it happens.

In short, you have no excuse to not hear about Aphorisms of API design. :-) Or functional programming. Or PIE.

Find a conference near you and get off your island. Let's go learn something.

Yes, it looks like I won't be able to make BADCamp this year. Sad panda.