Running Lando on GitHub Actions

Submitted by Larry on 30 December 2022 - 4:33pm

At the $dayjob, I am working to have us adopt Lando as a development tool. Lando is a docker-compose abstraction layer that simplifies building standard development environments, such as a bog-standard LAMP stack, and is way easier than raw docker-compose for those cases.

I also wanted to be able to generate test coverage information as part of our Pull Request process. To be clear, test coverage is not the end-all, be-all of good tests, but it is still a useful metric, and can be a useful gate if used properly. Of course, generating test coverage requires running tests; and while most tests should be unit tests that do not require any services, not all are or can be, and many frameworks don't make true unit tests as easy as they should. (cough) So that means building a full dev environment to run tests. There's various tools for that, but I wanted to use GitHub Actions.

I didn't want to deal with docker-compose for GitHub Actions, for all the same reasons I don't want to deal with it for local development. Fortunately, I just went through the process of setting up Lando. Can we just use Lando itself on GitHub Actions?

Turns out, yes we can!

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