Announcing Crell/Serde 1.0.0

Submitted by Larry on 9 November 2023 - 7:39pm

I am pleased to announce that the trio of libraries I built while at TYPO3 have now reached a fully stable release. In particular, Crell/Serde is now the most robust, powerful, and performant serialization library available for PHP today!

Serde is inspired by the Rust library of the same name, and driven almost entirely by PHP Attributes, with entirely pure-function object-oriented code. It's easy to configure, easy to use, and rock solid.

For a full overview, I gave a presentation at Longhorn PHP 2023 that went into its capabilities in detail. Even then, I didn't have time to cover everything! Have a look at the README for a complete list of all the options and features available.

Serde is backed by two other libraries:

  • Crell/fp is a simple functional programming utility library, mainly aimed at enabling functional pipes.
  • Crell/AttributeUtils is a fully-featured attribute management library that builds on PHP's native attributes and adds a metric ton of functionality. A lot of the functionality of Serde is driven directly by AttributeUtils.

Give all three a try, and see how powerful modern PHP has become!