Tukio 2.0 released - Event Dispatcher for PHP

Submitted by Larry on 14 April 2024 - 2:24pm

I've just released version 2.0 of Crell/Tukio! Available now from your favorite Packagist.org. Tukio is a feature-complete, easy to use, robust Event Dispatcher for PHP, following PSR-14. It began life as the PSR-14 reference implementation.

Tukio 2.0 is almost a rewrite, given the amount of cleanup that was done. But the final result is a library that is vastly more robust and vastly easier to use than version 1, while still producing near-instant listener lookups.

Some of the major improvements include:

  • It now uses Topological sorting internally, rather than priority sorting. Both are still supported, but the internal representation has changed. The main benefits are cycle detection and support for multiple before/after rules per listener.
  • The API has been greatly simplified, thanks to PHP 8 and named arguments. It's now down to essentially two methods -- listener() and listenerService(), both of which should be used with named arguments for maximum effect. The old API methods are still supported, but deprecated to allow users to migrate to the new API.
  • Tukio can now auto-derive more information about your listeners, making registration even easier.
  • It now uses the powerful Crell/AttributeUtils library for handling attribute-based registration. That greatly simplified a lot of code while making several new features easy.
  • Attributes are now supported on the class level, not just method. That makes building single-method listener services trivially easy.

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